On March 31, 120 guests attended our 19th Johann Strauss Ball at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford. After a champagne reception, the ball got under way with a Polonaise to the tunes of Johann Strauss the Father's Radetzky March and an elegant dinner prepared by the Club's Austrian chef. From eight to midnight, the guests danced to the music of the Paul Kauriga Orchestra, one of the few dance orchestras on the East Coast that really knows how to play the Viennese Waltz. The photograph shows Renate Donnelly and a male guest from the Union League Dance Club dancing a Csardas. The intermission entertainment was supplied by a ballroom dance performance team from the University of Pennsylvania.

Austrian-American Society Events and Activities

The Johann Strauss Ball -- Held early in the calendar year.

The Austrian National Holiday in October.

St. Nikolaus Event is a Christmas celebration for children held each year in mid-December.

Other Activities include events held throughout the year.